In my daily ponderings,

Included in my wonderings

About those possibilities, how grand

If Alice should lead us down to Wonderland.

What can be hidden below the ground?

Will they be willing to be found?

Eloquent beasts and elegant flowers,

Deftly hiding their magical powers.

Hatters and hares and tea-drinking-mice,

Soon to sprinkle me with their sugar and spice.

Would but I could to stay forever,

If only to chance the Cheshire-Cat-Clever.

Eat me, drink me, drown me, chase me,

Anything to escape to the fantasy.

Tears and dreams keep me afloat

Hidden with fears in my tiny boat…

When malevolent Queen and Cards attack,

Memories and futures are in hand to fight back.

Friend or foe, real or pretend,

May always there be reason for their send.

Tweedle-dee-dum and Tweedle-dee-dee

Does Madness have a method for me?

Lessons are waiting to be learned,

Rewards awaiting to be earned…

Love and balance will be found always,

Even amongst a panicked haze.

Hidden messages in shyly painted roses,

So the white-furred-guide proposes.

Now, before I tumble down the Rabbit-hole,

I am obliged, by fortune, to become entirely Whole.

Only the passage of Time will tell,

Whether diligence and persistence can cast a spell.

© Bianca Greyvenstein
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