He’s the King of the Castle

He’s more than that. He is many things.

Provider: When we realised that our circumstances might change very soon, you made a sacrifice and took a job in a foreign country. You’re still working so hard to pave the way for us. Thank you.

Well, today is Father’s Day and my dad is on the other side of the world, fighting pirates and finding buried treasure. Okay, not exactly, but it’s fun to imagine him having adventures instead of sitting behind a desk day after day. Except for Fridays of course. That’s the day when he rides through the desert and travels over the sand dunes on his motorbike. This is his preferred form of transport, rather than the traditional and calming camels. Biking is one of his favourite preoccupations. The sandy desert is thanks to Dubai.He took a job there a few years ago to earn more money so that his family can have a better life. That’s how my Dad is. Always making sacrifices for us.

Blacksmith and Carpenter: You built a beautiful princess-bed and hung a swing from my rafters. My daydreams are a little closer to being reality. You help me to see the magic. Thank you.

When I was (attempting to be) a rebellious teenager, I distanced myself from my family a lot. Movies and computer games in my princess tower/attic bedroom. This is where my stainless steel four-poster-bed and indoor swing is, which my Dad built with his bare hands when I asked for them. He built many more things, like Mommy’s giant and intricate mirror. Our beautiful house is also thanks to his handy work.

Chef: When you and I had to fend for ourselves in the desert, we had to learn to cook. It has been a challenge. Your Sunday (okay technically it’s Saturday) lunches are my favourite treat to wake up to. Thank you.

Last year, I started university in Dubai and lived with my Dad in a flat. We have never had to live in such close quarters before and there have been a few hiccups. Dad had been living there for a year by himself already and it gets pretty lonely sometimes. It took me a while to adapt to the humidity and the sand, but I have perfected my Bacon-and-Eggs and Bangers-and-Mash making skills. Daddy taught me how to make rice and his roast potatoes are simply divine. McDonald’s is a temptation admittedly when life becomes busy, nevertheless we have found a few good restaurants and our waistlines are not suffering.

Mad Hatter: With you, it’s always Tea Time. When you travel, I miss my morning cup of Rooibos that usually appears on my bedside table. You brew a cup for me every morning when you can. Thank you.

Nine times out of ten when you say my name, it is to ask me to put the kettle on. Over the years your tea schedule has changed quite a bit. You lost your taste for English Breakfast, discovered the sleep-inducing wonders of Camomile, and Chai Spice became your… well, your cup of tea. Rooibos is my leaf of choice, and your jokes about my hair colour will never get old.

Traveller: All of our family holidays have been memorable. Horse riding in the mountains is particularly close to my heart, as you taught me how to hold the reigns. Thank you.

My sister and I have sometimes complained about going to the Kruger Park for the umpteenth time. However, each of our family holidays are special to us, even if we seem reluctant. The family bonding and the naps in the car are usually bitter-sweet. Some squabbles occur, but it doesn’t take away the giggles. We have seen so many places together. Hopefully we will continue to do so for a very long time. My dad has been all over the world and following in his footsteps is my solution to wonderlust.

Therapist: In your busy work-life, you somehow have found the time to listen to my woes. Your advice is always interesting. Our minds don’t work in the same manner, so a different perspective is appreciated. Thank you.

Conversations about life, work, school or religion. They are motivating and thought-provoking. I get caught up in my daydreams more than I’d like to admit, and Dad’s down-to-earth views and practicality help to keep me present. He also ensures that I always do my best and shows me new ways to understand the concepts I struggle to grasp.

Jester: You, like most dads, have your days when you think you’re a comedian. We all need a good laugh once in a while. Thank you.

Ah, the dad-jokes. I wonder if all dads get a book about them in the delivery room…

Protector: My tears have been wiped away countless times. You are always quick to act and immediately want to punish the guilty party for daring to make me cry. Revenge has not always been necessary. You’re way too intimidating to be set loose on teenage boys. But thank you.

I have occasionally had a few boy-troubles, and best-friend-troubles were sometimes worse. When I had my first Panic Attack, my Dad was there for me, even if he didn’t understand exactly what I was going through. I still have the occasional bout of anxiety and panic attacks have become familiar. It’s not really something I like to talk about much. My Mother is less sympathetic and harsher when it comes to these kinds of things.

Geek: I know where I get some of my geekiness and love for gaming from. I love it and all the worlds that come with it. Thank you.

My dad watched Harry Potter with me and he introduced Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to me. Our movie marathons have been legendary, to my Mom’s chagrin. Sadly, she does not share our love for fantasy worlds. I will always be grateful for his help in discovering those fantastical realms of distraction.

Singstar: You bought us that game when you got your PS4. I’m an awful singer, but it’s my favourite game. Thank you.

Thank you for finding our song. Happy Father’s Day.

“We’ve shared the years

We’ve shared each day

I love you Daddy

But I found my way

You know the world

Is an evil place

My baby is grown now

She’s found her way”

-Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne

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