A while ago I asked MekaylaSilver to write a guest post for my blog and it has finally arrived! She (regrettably) does not have a blog of her own yet, but you can find her on YouTube as MekaylaSilver (her dream job and her videos are amazing) and Instagram as sliver.of.silver  (where she posts some more of her creative work).

Without further ado, here is her first guest post:

 Hi there!


My name is Mekayla, and if you have been reading Binx Thinx for a while you probably know who I am, even if you don’t know who I am. I’m the infamous best friend that keeps popping up in all the stories, and I must admit every time I do get mentioned I feel special and honoured. Love you Fran!*

So, Bianca asked me to write a guest post for her blog, and I must admit she asked quite a few months ago but here I am only writing it now. The reason for this is because I didn’t quite know what to write about (I still don’t, oops!). Not because I have nothing to say, because I honestly feel like I have a lot to say and very many things I could talk about. The question is, which one of those things do I choose. I asked for a topic but the answer was always “whatever you want” like that’s any help. P.S.  isn’t it difficult to write without emojis?


Social Media

Which leads me to the topic I wanted to write about a few weeks ago. I was very recently stuck in some kind of rut when it came to technology and particularly social media. I started hating it and questioning why we spend most of our lives with our eyes glued to our smartphone screens.

I am one of those people who always has my phone with me, and I feel quite literally naked without it, like I forgot to put on pants that day. The main thing that led me to hating my phone was the constant checking up and… stalking… of a particular person who should have been out of my life ages ago. I kept going onto their social media and then, just when I didn’t need it, Snapchat brings out the map. Thanks Snapchat!

The obsession started becoming unhealthy and my mind was never in the present moment anymore. I was ready to delete Facebook and Instagram (don’t worry Snapchat, I am way too obsessed) and pretty much switch my phone off and shove it to the back of a drawer. It was driving me crazy! Since that time my views have changed and I feel way more at ease. I made a rash decision one day to block said person from every social media app that exists, and lo and behold, I haven’t checked the Snapchat map since! I didn’t delete anything, but I am hardly ever on Facebook anymore, and I can go days without scrolling. I have also made the decision to basically terminate my Instagram account. I no longer post or accept follow requests.

Is this a bit drastic? I don’t know, but I have been WAY more productive and positive since making these decisions. Which leads me nicely into my next topic…

Productivity and Positivity

I have always been a productive person. I once pointed myself out as lazy and had numerous people argue that I most definitely am not. Even though I still think I am (sshh) because I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos when I could be doing something productive.

My mother has the work ethic of a… insert animal that works hard…? Since I was a child I have learnt from her how to get things done, stay focused and basically have no stress because procrastination has never been an option. She instilled in me the work ethic I have now and I am incredibly grateful.

I am a very determined person and when I put my mind to something I will achieve it, hence why I have been vegetarian for over four years now and decided to make this decision when I was only 17. I know it sounds like I am boasting, but I am secretly trying to get my Fran over here to start having the same mindset (wink, wink), although she is way smarter than I am and can get away with studying the night before a test (winks again). Omw, I am annoying myself. Let’s go to the next topic then…

Bullet journaling

It is a well-known fact that Bianca has a bullet journal and has been doing bullet journaling for the past few months. Well surprise surprise, she got me to do it too! I was hesitant to start at first but then slowly got into it and started testing it, and it worked really well for me too.

These past couple of weeks I have, however, started becoming endlessly annoyed with my journal and could not find the motivation to keep going. But I am about to start a brand new Leuchtturm1917 and try a minimalist approach. No decorating, no fancies, just getting things done.

I have become extremely productive since using a bullet journal and would recommend it to anyone. I make to do lists now and manage to tick everything off that I set out to do during a day. I feel like a well-oiled machine. I’m a month ahead of all my assignments and will be leaving myself with 5 weeks to study for exams! After having a holiday of two weeks! What?! (I study online so it all goes at my own pace).

Now you might be asking where does positivity come in? In my opinion, positivity is related to productivity. The more productive you are the more positive you will feel, because getting things accomplished leads to feeling good about yourself and your goals. It has to do with mindset too, which is a way other topic I won’t be delving into today. I have learnt the hard way how to stay positive and have a better outlook on life.


Maybe I will get more into detail about my life someday, but seeing as this isn’t my blog I don’t think I should go into that just yet. I would just like to add, I am by no means a writer. So, if this post was horse poo in your opinion, I completely get it.**

Thank you for having me on your blog Friend! I am sorry that all I did was ramble useless things.



Notes from Binx

*Love you too Friend xoxo

** Shh you’re an amazing writer

Thank you so much Mekay for writing this post and allowing us to get a different perspective on some things that both of us have been passionate about lately.

Be sure to leave some lovely comments everyone! I will definitely ask her to write again in future.




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