Garden of Secrets

Thoughts full of debating,

Spying from afar the tallest wall.

A mismatch of deliberating,

Could climb but oh, to risk the fall.


Back and forth turns to skipping, pacing

‘Round and around, still unsure.

Relief and Reassurance are embracing

Mercy is in a word, a cure.


One foot before the other

Approach this mirage carefully…

The gate is open with a bashful stutter,

Inviting with aromas of ardency.


Hands and hearts, between tulips and vines

Never before seen, uncovered discoveries,

Souls meet eyes and study intricate designs,

Eternity will hold these memories.


Losing oneself, finding another

The secrets  are waiting to unfold,

Turn to words of elsewhere, rather

Far aways, is in a dream of gold.

© Bianca Greyvenstein

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