Willows and Wanderings

Life without wi-fi is proving to be a bit difficult (especially when it comes to updating my blog regularly), however I have had plenty of time to reread some old books and a start on a few new ones. I’ve also had my fair share of adventures and outings. Overall, the Christmas holidays turned out better than I expected.

A week or so ago, Mekayla and I went for a walk and I took a few snapshots of her. Here are the results:

Took her by surprise

Mekayla lives in a Golf Estate and they have the most beautiful willow trees by the golf courses, so naturally we made our way down there.

Underneath the Willows

Swinging time

Then we made our way back along a different path.

Taking the high road?

She’s so regal

Balancing act

Thank you Mekayla for being an amazing model xoxo

We did another video on Mekayla’s channel. It’s calledย 5 Things My Best Friend Doesn’t Know About Me. Give it a Thumbs up and a comment if you like it and want us to do more collaborations.

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