City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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I feel as if I was in a haze when I first read the second half of this series in high school. I could perfectly remember what happened in the first three books, but from this one onward, my mind is a blank.

Rereading City of Fallen Angels was great to refresh my memory and reevaluate my opinion on the series. I adored the first three but I never really had an opinion about the rest until now.

I did enjoy this book and it expands on the original trilogy quite well. We see more about the lives of some of the secondary characters while Jace and Clary have some issues to work through.

The ending broke my heart and I need to know what happens next to Jace. I vaguely remember but I hope it’s just a dream I had years ago.

The new Shadowhunter series on Netflix has put an interesting spin on the novels. I don’t love it but I do enjoy seeing some of the outcomes of the changes they made to story. I suppose that’s why I always used to love reading fanfiction so much. Regardless of the acting, the series is a lot better than the movie that flopped a few years ago.

This time I’m reading the series in publication order and I did catch a reference or two to the Infernal Devices that I would have missed out on if I read them in a different order.

Overall I enjoyed reading City of Fallen Angels and I’m making my way through the rest of this world one step at a time.

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