Making Snowballs

When I was still in South Africa (I’m back in Dubai again for those of you who don’t know), Mekayla and I spent an afternoon baking cupcakes. This is what followed:


IMG 0638 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs

As you can see, I decided to bake from a recipe and the ingredients called for: (from the left)

The cupcakes: margarine, 2 eggs, milk, self raising flour, castor sugar (and vanilla essence – not pictured, that we spent another 20 minutes looking for).

The filling: fresh cream and icing sugar.

The top decoration: strawberry jam (the recipe said apricot but strawberry is my jam – excuse the pun) and desiccated coconut. I decided to add a few drops of food colouring (red and green) to the coconut flakes.

I think I didn't put enough butter in it - oops...
The Mixture for the Cupcakes
IMG 0664 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
Cooling After Baking

When they cooled down a bit I cut the tops off and put the cream filling that I whipped with a bit of icing sugar on the cupcakes then put the tops back on.

IMG 0668 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
Adding the Cream

When they were all filled I put a tablespoon of jam in a bowl and heated it in the microwave. Then I mixed the red and greed food colouring with some of the coconut flakes in separate bowls.

IMG 0675 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
The Decorations

First I smeared the jam on the cupcakes, followed by the coconut and then some adorable little Ballerinas.

IMG 0635 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
The Ballerinas

And voila, Snowflake Ballerinas.

IMG 0683 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
IMG 0684 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
They’re so pretty… and delicious

P.S. Mekayla doesn’t like jam or coconut, so I decorated her cupcake with some of her chocolate icing (she made some chocolate cupcakes) with smarties and other sweet things.

IMG 0680 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs
My little cupcake for Mekayla – Fairy Garden

Here are some of Mekayla’s cupcakes that she baked and decorated:

IMG 0670 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs

IMG 0671 - Binx Bakes: Snowballs

All of the cupcakes turned out tasting like heaven (even after a few disagreements with the oven) and it was a lovely, whimsical day.

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