July 2016


Tramping a Perpetual Journey…

My half packed suitcase is shaking it’s figurative head at me. I should have finished packing ages ago, but I’ve been putting it off. My curls are also unhappy that I’ve indulged the ends and let them avoid the hairdresser for over a year (Medusa is not a good look for me)…

WARNING- explicit themes covered in this post – WARNING

There are certain moments in life that leave an impression on you. More often than not, in my life those particular memorable moments have involved other people. They are sometimes important people, other times they have been complete strangers who have had quite an effect on me. People should have warning labels on their foreheads.

Arabian Nights, ‘Neath Arabian Moons…

I have been a daydreamer for my entire life. It is an integral part of my personality and trickles into the essence of who I am.

One specific reverie of mine, involves opening the front door on a chilly morning in the middle of July, just like any other (ordinarily) boring day. Except this dawn would hold a bit more than a surprise.


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